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How to Self Massage: The Best Tool!

How to Self Massage: The Best Tool!

Self massage is very beneficial if you know how to do it but most of us don’t know how to do it so what is the next best thing?

A device called a Foam Roller.

It’s basically a hard cylinder of foam that we lie on and use our bodyweight against it to massage the body. We roll the body part we want worked on, on top of the foam roller.

Is it as good as a massage?


The foam roller helps to get in deep pushing the flesh and getting the blood flowing to these areas. Large knots can also be got at by finding the knot in the muscle and holding the foam roller against it.

I will warn anyone who wants to buy one, it is very sore in the beginning! But after a few days to a week, the muscles become used to it and it feels good.

The foam roller is best used on the back, hips and legs.

When should it be used?

It should be used more for preventing injuries. It is best used as part of a cool down routine after sport or exercise. The muscles should be stretched first and then foam rolled to speed up the healing process and prevent injuries from occurring.

Will it fix my current injury?

It should help things here. I find with tightness, it works well. I had a minor strain on my adductors (felt slightly tight) and if left untreated may have gotten worse. I foam rolled it and immediately the tightness was gone.

By all means try it on your injury as it shouldn’t do any harm but most injuries need better hands on work done by a therapist.

It’s a definite must buy for any serious sports person.

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