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  • Regular Treatments - Their Importance

    Regular Treatments - Their Importance

    I get asked by many of my patients about how often they should be getting their back sorted for example.

  • Stretching your Injury

    Stretching your Injury

    I get this question asked more and more especially now, with modern sport, stretching has become a routine down to amateur level as there is a benefit with stretching and preventing injuries.

  • Cooling Down.

    Cooling Down.

    I see a lot of amateur sports people. A big thing they all have in common is generally the lack of a cool down or warm up for that matter.

  • Should I Take Painkillers?

    Should I Take Painkillers?

    With pain, a very natural step is the take painkillers but is this good for us?

  • Warming Up - Is It Important?

    Warming Up - Is It Important?

    It amazes me that in many amateur sports still today the amount of people who don’t warm up! I myself am guilty and don’t warm up either at times!

  • Is Resting Too Much, Bad?

    Is Resting Too Much, Bad?

    So I sometimes hear from my patients, “Is too much rest bad? My friend said it’s best to keep moving.”

  • Water, Do You Drink Enough????

    Water, Do You Drink Enough????

    I ask this question to a lot of my patients and the general answer I get is “I don’t drink that much, I should probably drink more.”

  • Heat or Cold??

    Heat or Cold??

    So the question I always get asked by my patients is which is better? Heat or Cold?


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