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Regular Treatments - Their Importance

Regular Treatments - Their Importance

I get asked by many of my patients about how often they should be getting their back sorted for example.

Generally I tell most people to get seen to every 4 – 6 weeks as a general rule of thumb.

Why is it important?

For those of us who have older hurts that is likely to reoccur again in the near future, it is best to get any problem areas sorted before they get worse and start causing pain. Prevention really is better than cure.

For those who suffer from a bad back once or twice a year, I highly recommend getting your back seen to every 6 – 8 weeks, before it gets too sore and puts you off your feet!

Getting a sports massage helps to sort out all those niggly areas that we all have from day to day work and stress. 
It could be an area that feels a bit tight or maybe that feeling that it just doesn’t feel right. I get these all the time and I have to fix myself. Right now I have a heavy head on me, (must sort my neck and shoulders here).

When is the best time?

It’s always a thought to get sorted when you have time off. Whether it’s the christmas holidays, summer holidays or you have a few days off work. Rest after getting a treatment is important.

The key is sorting yourself before the pain kicks in. Regular treatments keeps you loose, free and painfree for longer.

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