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After care is extremely important. In most cases you will need to rest the affected area for at least three days. This means NO strenuous activity. Depending on the injury this may mean complete rest or it may be moving and being active. The important piece of information here is the activity is NOT strenuous.



You may experience some discomfort within the first three days, due to the soft tissue being manipulated. This can vary from person to person, some experiencing discomfort, some pain and others feeling great. This is a part of the healing process.


Drink plenty of water to help the muscles heal more efficiently. The amount of tea and coffee consumed should be cut down to a minimum.
In certain cases, diet can be the cause of pain if the body is very intolerant to a certain substance. Some patients, I will get them to get a food test done.


I give individual aftercare advice that will suit YOU best according to YOUR injury. Not every injury is the same so therefore everyone needs different aftercare advice. This could be anything from complete rest to stretching exercises to strengthening exercises.

Everybody heals differently. Most clients need two – three treatments. Some only need one treatment and others may need a lot more to treat the affected area. It’s recommended that you concurrently work with your primary caregiver. If I find no easement of pain after the first two – three treatments, I will refer you on for more thorough examination.

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What my patients say

I attended Philip due to injury precipitated from intense triathlon training. The treatment (Sports Physio) and knowledge of diet and self-directed stretching advised by Philip were excellent. I would highly recommend Andersons Injury Clinic.

Medical Doctor

I have been attending Andersons Injury Clinic regular for the past 5 years with various injuries. I drive 2 hours as I wouldn’t go anywhere else for treatment. Philip always does a fantastic job and I would highly recommend him to anyone.


Philip helped my back first time and eased the pain straight away, Great Job!!

Self Employed

I hurt my back about once a year and Philip is the first man I see. I always walk out of his clinic feeling great. That pain is just gone. I feel like a new man everytime. Thanks Philip

Kitchen staff

I firstly attended Andersons Injury Clinic approximately 2 years ago, after a couple of treatment sessions my pain was completely relieved!…my only regret was I hadn’t been to see Philip sooner instead of suffering. I now attend the clinic as soon as I feel any pain as I know Philip will have it sorted in no time, with those magic hands!

Dog groomer

Running 29 marathons in 29 days wouldn’t have been possible without Philip’s magic hands. I’ve never felt better leaving a physios’ clinic. Highly recommended!!

Hugh McLaughlin
Endurance Althete

Really amazing service, very polite and worked wonders on my injury. After years of pain and discomfort and limited movement, I now feel great! I have been here yearly since 2008, wish I could get over here more often.

North Wales


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