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Flat Feet

Flat Feet

A lot of us have flat feet. Sometimes this will cause no hassles at all but many times it can cause a lot of problems with knees, hips, back and even the neck.

If the foot is constantly flat, the knee falls in dropping the hip down curving the low back with the neck trying to curve the opposite way to compensate. Our eyes always want to be level so the body will adjust to that.

Insoles: –

I have heard the opinions of many world renown experts and they generally say in 90% of cases, insoles are not necessary and I agree. They do have their place with respect to badly fallen arches, short legs etc but with respect to overpronation and oversupination (flatter feet and high arches), NO. These are muscle imbalances that can be sorted with a bit of work.

Overpronation/flat feet: –

This is generally an issue with the peroneals of the outer lower leg being to strong and tight. There job is to evert the foot (or flatten it). 
This is only half the equation, there has to be a weakness in the system allowing the peroneals to do this.

I use NeuroKinetic Therapy (manual muscle testing) to figure out where this weakness is, and we resolve the pattern.
I will then give exercises to keep this pattern in the brain so it has a long term effect. This does need effort on the patients part as the poor pattern may have been there many years.

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