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Tendinosis? Never heard of it!

Tendinosis? Never heard of it!

Well, what is Tendinosis?

Tendinosis is micro tears in a tendon causing pain.

It is often called tendonitis by many health professionals out of habit more than anything else but it is not the same thing.

Tendonitis is inflammation of a tendon.

In some cases, we can have the two conditions together called tendinopathy.

A very good example of the two conditions together (tendinopathy) is the early stages of Tennis elbow where the tendon is inflamed (tendonitis) and micro tears in the tendon (tendinosis).

Both conditions generally come about due to overuse or repetitive motions so be very aware of doing the same action over and over again.

In the early stages, ice, rest and a support are your best options. This condition can last for months but early treatment is key!

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