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Lower Back Pain??

Lower Back Pain??

Lower back pain is the most common injury I treat at my clinic. Almost everyone will at some stage of their life suffer from it.

So what are the causes of lower back pain? There are many possible causes from bad posture, heavy manual work, genetics, improper gait (how we walk) and many more.

There are many things that can go wrong from a slipped disc to pulled muscles in the lumbar region, or even tight muscles in hips or legs causing the pain.

A very common place for lower back pain is the small of the back at the belt line where we have two dimples called the Sacroiliac joints (SI Joints). This is where the sacrum meets the pelvic bone and in this small space is a ligament that can cause a lot of problems.

So what can you do about it?


Look at your posture when you sit down, sit straight and in tight to the chair. Don’t slouch or cross your legs and sit relaxed.

Stretching is a great tool and many of us don’t do enough. We should stretch once a day at the very least. This in itself would ease many peoples pain. There are many stretches found on YouTube such as “The Cat”, “Upward Dog”, “Childs Pose” and “Sideways Bend” but to name a few.

Light exercise can help. Most individuals will find walking or swimming will help with their back pain. This gets the muscles moving and the blood flowing to help loosen the back.

Get your back seen to by a professional. If you suffer from chronic back pain or it hits you every now and again, get it seen to on a regular basis. I advise my patients with long standing back pain to get it seen to every 4 – 6 weeks between times to keep the back loose and to get any knots ironed out.

If you need your back seen to, please call Philip at Andersons Injury Clinic (Limavady) on (028)777 67272 or 078 75 149 650

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