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Sprained Ankle? How to Heal Faster!

Sprained Ankle? How to Heal Faster!

We have all sprained an ankle at some time in our life.

The question is what is the best thing to get this healing as fast as possible?

First thing is REST it, stop weight bearing on the foot unnecesarily. Do not for example walk to the shops and back. It needs the rest initially.

Icing the ankle will help greatly especially with the swelling and inflammation. I recommend a bag of frozen peas because it moulds around the ankle very well. Wrap this in a light tea towel to avoid an ice burn and keep it on for about 10 minutes.

Bandage the ankle with a crepe bandage. Bandage the foot from base of the toes to half way up the shin including the heel. If you avoid the heel and leave a gap, the swelling from the ankle may go into the heel!

When resting, get the foot up above the level of your heart. This will also help with controlling swelling.

If it’s sore to move the foot, then don’t. It’s a very common misunderstanding to keeping moving with any injury but if this is sore and it probably will be within the first couple days, just rest the area completely. 
You may find though that certain movements feel okay such as moving the foot up or down. If you find a movement that feels good, then by all means, move the foot in that way. 
You will find as the days go by that movement on its own will get easier and this is when you can do more of it.

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