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Marathon - Hints & Tips

Marathon - Hints & Tips

The Belfast Marathon is on this Monday so I thought I would give more hints and tips to have a better run.

1. Have a couple of 30 minute walks on the days up to the marathon. This keeps the muscles working and gets the blood flowing.

2. Keep stretching and foam rolling the legs in these days running up to the event. Your legs will appreciate it.

3. Eat a lot of protein and carbohydrates in the days up to the marathon. I recommend as much as you can eat. Don’t eat too much junk food. Lots of chicken, rice, vegetables and fruit.

4. Eat at least two/three hours before the start of the run. If you intend on eating something different on the big day, make sure and eat the same meal a couple days beforehand so your stomach and body is used to it.

5. Make sure you use the toilet before the run even if you feel like you don’t have to. Get your waste system emptied as best possible. The worst thing possible is needing to do a number two when your half way round the course!

6. Get the Vaseline on. Things can chafe so use it. Do inner legs, nipples and anywhere you think my chafe. If you are offered it half way around, accept it!

7. Use the water stations at every available point. You will need the water intake. Keep taking small sips to stop yourself from getting dehydrated.

8. Carry gel packs with you for the last half when you need a bit more energy.

9. Park the car at least a mile away from the finish line. The walk back is very beneficial.

10. When you get home, take a cold bath. It’s not nice but just sit in an empty bath and start filling it with cold water until you can’t take it no more. It will help with recovery. You may only last a minute or two which is enough.

11. Have a good hardy meal when you’re done and drink lots of fluids – preferably water and not beer lol

Good luck to all those running the Belfast marathon on Monday (May day).
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