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Marathon - How to Prepare Just Before the Run

Marathon - How to Prepare Just Before the Run

The Dublin Marathon is on Monday the 29th October. It is the night before the big run. What do you need to do in the morning time?

Get up Early!: I say this for a few reasons, but the main reason being, you want to eat a decent breakfast a good two – three hours before the run. Most marathons start at 9am so eat between 6 & 7am. It also gives you a chance to get the body moving and warmed up so less chance of injury.

Pre sports Massage: Many marathon events are getting in sport massage therapists to help out and give pre sport rubs and also post event rubs. See them just before or after you stretch. 
The pre Sports rub should be fast and quick done on the major areas like calfs and quads. 5 – 10minutes maximum. No longer, as this will tire you out and not help your preformance.

Stretch: 15 minutes before the start, do light active stretches like walking, jogging lightly on the spot, light jumping jacks and just general movements. Then once warmed up, do some static stretches like touching the toes, lunges, sideways bend, pulling your heel into your Gluteals etc and finish off with some more active stretches and generally shaking out your arms and legs the way a boxer does just before he steps into the ring.

I found the gel energy bars are great. Lighter on the stomach than the solid bars and keeps the energy going especially near the end of the marathon so keep a few for the last 10 miles.

Put vaseline onto your nipples and inner legs. Anywhere that might rub. When you are offered it near the end of the marathon, take it whether you need it or not! I made this mistake and found about a mile after, my legs started to chafe and it wasn’t very pleasant.

Although this may not concern with the preparation of the marathon, I will mention it: – DO NOT SIT OR LIEDOWN on the ground immediately after the marathon. Have a walk about, give the legs a light stretch and have something to eat. 
I made the mistake of sitting down on the grass as soon as I finished and found I couldn’t get up again cause my legs were cramping!

Good luck to those who are running on Monday

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