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My Joints Crack - Should I Worry?

My Joints Crack - Should I Worry?

The amount of times I get told about joints that crack and asked what’s wrong so I decided to write this article for you.

Should I Worry?

In general, NO. As long as there is no pain or discomfort with the cracking then there is nothing to worry about. I myself will find at times my back or shoulders crack with certain movements & my right thumb cracks all the time with a certain movement all thanks to fixing your aches and pains.

If the affected joint cracks with a movement every time, it is most likely due to the joint being too tight (muscles around the joint are too tight) therefore making the joint tight.

If the affected joint cracks once in a blue moon and still no pain, it is usually trapped air in the joint that has released.

If your joints crack and is accompanied with pain, there is an injury there where the bones are rubbing against each other. This could be possible arthritis or a possible tear in the ligament or tendon at the joint. With a case of pain and a joint cracking, go see your GP and get it looked into further.

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