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  • Pain When Running? CURE!

    Pain When Running? CURE!

    I see many athletes in my clinic, especially runners, tri-athletes and many more. This same problem comes up time and time again.

  • Frozen Shoulder - Have You Got It?

    Frozen Shoulder - Have You Got It?

    Also known as Adhesive Capsulitis, this is one of the most difficult injuries to treat in the shoulder.

  • Neck Pain?

    Neck Pain?

    A lot of us complain of neck pain and there can be many causes of it but the main cause I see is bad posture such as sitting at a desk all day. (I currently had to adjust my neck back into alignment!)

  • Lower Back Pain??

    Lower Back Pain??

    Lower back pain is the most common injury I treat at my clinic. Almost everyone will at some stage of their life suffer from it.

  • Don Anderson - "The Back Man" - Tribute

    Don Anderson -

    Donald Anderson 17/6/32 – 16/10/08 Don Anderson for years was known as “The Back Man” although he treated many injuries in other parts of the body. He worked out of Eglinton for 30 years and he was well known over all of Ireland especially the North West and Donegal.

  • Back Pain. Heat or Cold?

    Back Pain. Heat or Cold?

    I get asked this question often in my clinic. The answer is very dependant on the person and the nature of the injury.

  • strengthening - different types

    strengthening - different types

    There are three main types of strengthening: Concentric – muscle contraction where it shortens Isometric – muscle contracts with no movement Eccentric – muscle contraction where it lengthens

  • Sprained Ankle? How to Heal Faster!

    Sprained Ankle? How to Heal Faster!

    We have all sprained an ankle at some time in our life.

  • Shoulder Strengthening - Play Racket Sports?

    Shoulder Strengthening - Play Racket Sports?

    I myself am a keen Badminton player as many of my patients will know.

  • Marathon - Hints & Tips

    Marathon - Hints & Tips

    The Belfast Marathon is on this Monday so I thought I would give more hints and tips to have a better run.

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